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Photo & Video Pack


From this button the payment is made

for the dance coverage at the Teatro El Circulo, on 12/19/19

To finalize the payment, if you pay by easy or fast payment and the registration link does not automatically send you, please send me a message.
confirming your payment.

Thank you!!!


$ 500, -

After 12/20/19 the value is $ 500.-

ejemplo de pago.jpg

At the end of the payment (if it is with a credit / debit card, everything is easier and faster)
But it is important at the end, this screen appears and they must click where it is marked with the circle in red, to complete the registration form that takes you directly to the group where they are "only" those who paid for the pack they have chosen.
If you choose another payment method, when you do, let me know just in case ... But I will see your payment registered.

If it is VERY IMPORTANT that you always put the data of the person who is going to join the group.

No student data.
No data of the person who paid (and is not interested)

Only enter 1 family member per student.

Papas / Moms who have siblings only pay one and a half.

New blog posts

15 años

Pre- session for

15 years of Coti

We went to take urban photos around the city, we had a beautiful time!
Then we made a photobook to use on the day of the party.


Preparations for Ceci's wedding

We went to the Ross Tower for her wedding preparations.

She was accompanied by her family, it was a beautiful moment.

cumple infantil

Justina's birthday

I love children's birthday!

They are totally free, they run around ... and I love to chase after them.

I invite you to see some photos.

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