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Wedding: Pame & Clau - in Bariloche

What a beautiful opportunity Pamela and Claudia gave me to choose the photographer for their wedding.
I had a wedding in bariloche !!! they paid me for this! naaaa! I still do not fall. ha ha ha!!!
Second destination wedding and in turn 5th. egalitarian wedding ...
In this case it was totally different, to all weddings. From the technical part and how mobilizing it was.
The technical thing that luckily I am used to working during the day, but in this case it was the middle of the day, it was cloudy ... they arrive and the sun appears, without a doubt they know how to control the energies 😉.
Everything was white ... hahaha I suffered a bit, but I achieved the expected result regarding that.
Also how mobilizing it was to travel to this tremendously beautiful place!
It really is a dream to be at a wedding like this ... And they fulfilled it.
Regarding them, nothing ... they are magic! they are beautiful!!! they are love !!!
People came from different parts of the country for their wedding, it was a great move.
It could be said that they took over Bariloche in a week.
Everything was beautiful !!!
The love that his friends, his family give him is really beautiful !!!

How grateful I am honestly for this opportunity! for being part of such intimate moments.
I am always very grateful to my clients for that, since I really am privileged to be chosen.

I hope you like this summary.

Place: Bariloche regattas club room
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Esta boda fue una de las primeras bodas igualitarias. 

Wedding: Sofi & Valen

Preparativos previa a su boda.

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